Everyone’s a Winner Baby


Originally commissioned for the Olympic Games Football events at Hampden Stadium in 2012, Everyone’s A Winner, Baby! is Fish & Game’s (Glasgows LiveArt Supergroup)  interactive celebration for everyone. The EAWB Team are looking for winners and, since Everyone’s A Winner, Baby!, there’s plenty of winners to find. Everyone can have their moment of glory on the winner’s podium as the crowd cheers you on.

It doesn’t matter why you’re a winner: Maybe you just learned to tie your shoe? Perhaps you did really well at work this week? Maybe you’re just having a really great day? Whatever the reason, we’re here to make sure your greatness doesn’t go unnoticed. We’ll even take your photo and put it up on our Wall of Fame so you can remember this moment forever!

Everyone’s A Winner, Baby! was conceived by Eilidh MacAskill  with students from the Royal Conservertoire of Scotland. The EAWB Team consists of Kim Donohoe, Sarah Bradley, Laura Bradshaw, Emily Magorrian, Calum MacAskill, Hannah Murray, Emma Nutland and Rosie Reid.

All photos can be found at www.everyonesawinnerbaby.tumblr.com