Victory Dance

victory dance


We have never been very good at sports.

We’ve never won a race, or scored a winning goal, and we’re probably not going to get a gold medal.

We don’t mind – we’re not really that bothered about winning. But we do like celebrating. We’re good at that.

So we’ve decided to do a dance. A victory dance. One for all the things we don’t usually think twice about, and the things we don’t normally celebrate. We’re going to make the best victory dance ever, and we need your help to do it.

Produced in collaboration with macrobert for their family day in July 2012, Victory Dance was a participatory dance piece about collective celebration. Members of the public of all ages contributed individual celebration moves to a dance performed at the end of the day by three performers – including a chorus that everyone could join in with.

Created by Emma Nutland, Kim Donohoe, Peter Lannon, and Emily Magorrian.

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