Your Sh*t, My Treasure

Your Sh*t/My Treasure is a response to the items thrown out onto the street in Govanhill. When walking around Govanhill  (Scotland) we see lots of furniture, rubbish, that we try and ignore when we walk past it, or we complain, or we take it if we think we could use it. We would like to take the pieces of left over junk and in collaboration with local residents, move them to a central place. Once in that central place we would like to fashion the elements of Junk into sculptural works of art. We hope that could be a visible place in the community, to come and sculpt with us, to smash things up, to mold them into something new, reclaiming our sh*t as treasure.

Emily and Francesca are two friends that studied and graduated together at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Emily lived in Govanhill and Francesca lives in Mount Florida. Emily has lived here for 3 years and Francesca has lived in the south side since 1992. Performed as part of Streetland festival June 2014