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Wishing Well XXL



  Regie/Choreografie/Performance: Sivan Perlstein Projektleitung/Ausstattung/Kostüme/Performance: Ernestyna Orlowska Performance: Sebastian Kläy Musik: Stefan Schischkanov Video: Joerg Hurschler Oeil Exterieur/Dramaturgie: Emily Magorrian Lichtkonzept/Technik: Valerio Rodelli Produktion: Alma Handschin ​Wie weit gehen Stars im Internet, um Followers für sich zu gewinnen? Ein Stück über Internetphänomene. Wer keine virtuelle Identität hat, existiert nicht! Das Internet ist DER Ort, wo man sich trifft, an dem man sich austauscht, aneinander misst, Anerkennung erhält oder – was […]

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Zu dieser Zeit fühlte es sich so an, als ob Krebs das einzige Thema war, worüber ich in meiner Kunst sprechen konnte. Es war eine grosse, lebensverändernde Erfahrung für mich – nicht nur schwer krank zu sein und wieder gesund zu werden, sondern auch wie die Krankheit meine Perspektive verändert hat auf die Art von […]



Christbaumchugelechopf: Ein ungewöhnlicher Junge, der ein normales Leben führen möchte. Wem aber eine rote Weihnachtskugel als Kopf gewachsen ist, der wird schwerlich Normalität in das eigene Leben bringen – an Weihnachten sowieso nicht. In dieser besinnlichen Zeit machen die Leute nicht nur unzählige Fotos von diesem seltsamen Jungen, er wird zur weihnächtlichen Attraktion: In Warenhäusern […]


Paula Papier

A 2 week long story development workshop for 3+. Taking place in Kita Lilyput in Dielsdorf in Zurich Unterland. A letter found in a forest was set as a provocation to draw and develop stories so Paula Papier could become a real person with real stories. The project developed through a series of letters, visits […]

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Play Cafe Residence, Platform Easterhouse

Working alongside Jen Edgar, Nick Paget-Thomlinson, Sacha Kyle, David Banks, Maria Giergeil. We have prepared a series of new works and short performances designed for 0-4 year olds and their parents in Easterhouse (Scotland). Not only was I able to experiment and have time to play with new ideas, Play Cafe gave me time and […]


Your Sh*t, My Treasure

Your Sh*t/My Treasure is a response to the items thrown out onto the street in Govanhill. When walking around Govanhill  (Scotland) we see lots of furniture, rubbish, that we try and ignore when we walk past it, or we complain, or we take it if we think we could use it. We would like to […]


Fork Off

Fork Off is an intimate contemporary performance examining the traditional rituals of the dinner table. Manners can mean that we feel comfortable, that we are made to feel uncomfortable, so do we follow them… Etiquette: the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Performed by: Sunniva […]


Unfinished Place

Let’s put our footprints in the world. Let’s bend off the track most travelled. Let’s mark it on the map. And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. T.S. Eliot An interactive performance and play space developed for and with 2-5 […]

victory dance

Victory Dance

  We have never been very good at sports. We’ve never won a race, or scored a winning goal, and we’re probably not going to get a gold medal. We don’t mind – we’re not really that bothered about winning. But we do like celebrating. We’re good at that. So we’ve decided to do a […]

everyones a winner

Everyone’s a Winner Baby

  Originally commissioned for the Olympic Games Football events at Hampden Stadium in 2012, Everyone’s A Winner, Baby! is Fish & Game’s (Glasgows LiveArt Supergroup)  interactive celebration for everyone. The EAWB Team are looking for winners and, since Everyone’s A Winner, Baby!, there’s plenty of winners to find. Everyone can have their moment of glory […]


This Is Going To End, So We Had Better Start Now

We have to start by saying goodbye. Lets make it count while we are here together. How can we express how we feel? Do we even mean it? Francesca, Hector, Hannah and Emily have to let go, move on, end, accept, leave behind, resign, gain closure, start anew… So they had better start now…. Devised […]

Salon Project

The Salon Project

  About The Salon Project An Untitled Projects / Traverse Theatre co-production, in collaboration with the Citizens Theatre. A Salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse and partly to refine taste and increase knowledge of the participants through conversation. Wikipedia The Salon Project : a […]


About / Über

ENG Emily is a Bern (CH) based Scottish performance artist. Emily designs, directs, facilitates and performs. Emily received her BA (hons) Second Class upper Division from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Contemporary Performance Practice. Emily was awarded The Avrom Greenbaum Players Award for Direction year 2014 in recognition of the work created in her […]


Contact / Kontakt

If you wish to  contact me please do though: emilygoggsli@gmail.com or though post at Magorrian, Freiburgstrasse 106a, 3008 Bern


Creative Learning / Kreatives Lernen

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”— Ken Robinson  Emily’s strategy for exploration is though play. Through play we can experiment, take risks, extend ideas and mold new beginnings. Emily believes as we were born with the capacity for play and creative communication, we all have the capacity […]